Sunday, 21 February 2010

Shiny Happy People

Visual Arts in Brazil are inextricabily linked, intimately influenced - or at least somehow related - to popular culture and its mix of different backgrounds. If you think about Carnival, specially, it's even difficult to translate or measure the huge impact of its manifestations on all other Brazilian Arts production.

Unidos da Tijuca Samba School, this year's champion, is an open source of inspiration, showing the best representative of the new generation of 'Carnival designer': Paulo Barros & his unlimited creative mind.

Creative inputs for everyone: people who exceed limitations and make 'the most out of the least', people who feel touched by 'Carnival's luxury in its simplicity', becoming kings and queens of their own existence, and people who get inspired by this genuine contemporary form of art.

We are all meant to shine.

Gente é pra brilhar.