Sunday, 18 April 2010

Let the Sunshine in

Thanks to Marissa, from the great The Well Appointed Catwalk blog, designtegration is now a "Sunshine Awarded" blog!

I feel happy to inspire other people by sharing my inspirations and, from now on, this is an open space for comments and other sharings. Both in English and Portuguese. Other languages, cultures and expressions are accepted in this "Babel space of visual resources". Just like we do in the "south american way".

(Images: some posts from The Well Appointed Catwalk)

Pronto, o blog já faz coleguinhas e fica "se achando", com reconhecimentos vindos de gente grande, como esse. A história de dividir inspirações tá mais que valendo a pena e, agora, designtegration também fica aberto a comentários.
Oficialmente continua a programação bilíngue, já que fica mais que provado que a gringolândia também quer brincar - redescobrindo o south american way.

Valeu, Marissa, tks!

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  1. Thank you so, so much for featuring my blog. You're the best!